A small library for dealing with .crispr files

This project is maintained by ctSkennerton


A small library for dealing with .crispr files

crispr files?

A .crispr file is an opensource XML markup for describing clustered regularly interspersed short palindromic repeats (CRISPR). This includes information about the repeats, spacers and their arrangement.

Currently libcrispr implements an XML parsing interface for crispr files as well as an exception class for handling errors.


libcrispr relies on Xerces-c++ for XML parsing. It will need to be installed on your system before use.


On most UXIX type systems the following commands should surfice:

[sudo] make install

You can also use the --with-xerces=[ARG] during configure to specify a non-standard instal location for Xerces


programs using libcrispr should include the relevent header files with:

#include <libcrispr/Xml.h>

and then add -lcrispr to the program's LDFLAGS You may also need to set LD_LIBRARY_FLAGS if you install libcrispr in a non-standard location