About Me

I am a Data Engineer currently working at Roblox. I received my PhD at UQ in the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics. Throughout my PhD I was at the interface of microbial ecology, chemical engineering, and computational biology and have gained many skills ranging from microscopy, reactor operation and computer programming.

During my PhD, I developed many data analysis skills, including statistical inference, programming, and developing novel bioinformatics algorithms. I further honed these skills as a postdoctoral researcher at Caltech developing a SQL database to integrate diverse data sources while mentoring PhD students in bioinformatics.

I transitioned to working in industry at Second Genome where I used my bioinformatics knowledge to implement scalable data analysis workflows in AWS. At Pendulum Therapeutics I was involved in all aspects of the software and data stack including full-stack development of internal web applications, ETL and ELT pipelines, data warehousing, third-party data integrations, deployment/devops on AWS, and reporting and analytics.

I’m fluent in Python, however I have written software in diverse languages including Javascript, Typescript, Perl, R, Smalltalk, Java, and C++. As part of my duties I regularly collaborate with members of the scientific team and with non-technical members of the company to understand user requirements and build solutions for laboratory and manufacturing teams. I am passionate about analysis automation, efficient data processing, and believe strongly in version control, test-driven development, and literate programming techniques to ensure reproducibility.